"Taming the Mommy Tiger: When His Ex Resents You" in the January Issue of Stepmom Magazine

Published by Wednesday Martin

Let me get something out front: I love Star Magazine. Oh, and Us. I also love The New Yorker and the Journal of Divorce and Remarriage. But I've got nothing against lowbrow.

The cases of LeAnn Rimes and Cameron Diaz — one a stepmom, one a woman dating a man with young children — might be spectacularly public, but they're also universal. Each celeb seems to be incurring the wrath of her man's ex-wife.

Beyond having been cheated on and dumped, what are the roots of ex-wife resentment? What makes an ex-wife infuriated and irrationally nasty toward the stepmother of her children, even when that woman didn't break up her marriage? Why does she undermine your relationship with her kids and do everything in her power to make your life hell? Hint: it's not really about money. I write about where Mommy Tiger is coming from — and what you can do if your husband's ex has it out for the two of you — in the current, second-year anniversary double edition of Stepmom magazine. You can also read an introduction to the article here, on