The Men Who Never Evolved — Wendy Davis's Fillibuster

Published by Wednesday Martin

Primatologists would take the long view of Wendy Davis's Texas filibuster.

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy tells us: "Male fascination with the reproductive affairs of female group members predates our species....Like all humans and is typical of the entire Primate order, [many male politicians] exhibit an intense, even obsessive interest in the reproductive condition of other group members and are intent on controlling when, where are how females belonging to [their] group reproduce."

Female primate mothers — be they the langurs of Abu, India, Dian Fossey's mountain gorillas in the mist, or Wendy Davis — have always needed to be flexible, resourceful strategists. Their ages-old agenda has been to control their own reproduction in ways that would allow both them and their offspring to thrive.

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