Paperbacks are served!

Published by Wednesday Martin

Primates of Park Avenue just got even more delish with new juicy new end material and a lighter feel for your beach tote!

Studying the Rich

Published by Wednesday Martin
In her manifesto "Up the Anthropologist," Laura Nader called for social scientists to study not only the poor and disenfranchised, as sociologists and anthropologists long have, but also the powerful and wealthy.  She referred to this as "studying up" and noted that in concert with studying down and studying sideways, it helped generate a full portrait of a culture. It also helps us understand how elites reproduce their privilege and what Antonio Gramsci called cultural hegemony.

Primates Tank Top Giveaway

Published by Wednesday Martin

A lot of you have been asking about the Primates tank top. While I wish I could sell one with every book, I've decided to do something fun.