Primates Tank Top Giveaway

Published by Wednesday Martin

A lot of you have been asking about the Primates tank top. While I wish I could sell one with every book, I've decided to do something fun.

About Primates

Published by Wednesday Martin

Primates of Park Avenue describes my personal experiences on the Upper East Side both while I lived there and while my children were in programs there over a period of six years.

Wife Bonuses? Try Sexless Summers in the Hamptons

Published by Wednesday Martin

Nothing could be more foreign to the tribe I studied and lived among than giving up on their own personal upkeep—the zealous, dedicated striving to be a particular kind of fabulous, fit, and chic Manhattan Geisha with children. The type of women who get “wife bonuses.” But what was the point of all this effort, this endless fighting and trying and depriving and especially all this working on and working at our selves? It certainly wasn’t sex—you could call uptown a sexless Sahara.