About Primates

Published by Wednesday Martin

Primates of Park Avenue describes my personal experiences on the Upper East Side both while I lived there and while my children were in programs there over a period of six years.

The Winter Break--How and Why We Do It

Published by Wednesday Martin

Winter holidays allow us to be affiliative and pro-social--anthropology's words for connected and friendly. Here's how the tribe I study in Manhattan does it--and why.

Why back to school is harder for you than it is for your kids....

Published by Wednesday Martin

The tribe of privileged parents I study and write about in my upcoming book Primates of Park Avenue (Simon & Schuster, June 2015) mostly summers in the Hamptons. But wherever you are for June, July, and August, you may be feeling the Dreads about Labor Day approaching. Anthropology gives us new ways to understand and handle the back-to-school, post vacation, return-to-regular-life Fall segue.... Hope you will have a read!